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Risk Assessment: 5 steps for compliance

“Risk assessment” – yes we know, these words make your eyes roll, you want to yawn and your instinct is to run to the kitchen to make a strong coffee.

Well, we sympathise.


It’s not a fun task for any company. We just see so many cases that could simply have been avoided had the right, or indeed ANY, risk assessment been undertaken in the first place.

It could result in no (or minimal) risk. If the paperwork is in order then it could assist in defending any potential criminal court case.

Think of it as insurance – the kind you don’t even have to pay for.

Here’s our easy five step process which should help your company on its way to being compliant.

risk assessment

1 Identify what can harm people in your workplace

–       this is mostly common sense. Large machinery, a broken step, loose wires etc

2 Identify who might be harmed and how

–       again this is common sense but requires a good knowledge of your staff and any health issues they may have. It also requires a detailed list of tasks each staff member is expected to carry out such as lifting heavy objects or operating machinery.

3 Evaluate the risks and decide on the appropriate controls

–      take into account the controls you already have in place

–       this applies mostly to machinery and hazardous environments where you should detail arrangements for training and supervision

4 Record your risk assessment

–       You should prepare a document clearly covering points 1-3 and store it in an easily accessible location

5 Review and update your risk assessment

–       This should be done every year or when the workplace changes in some way (new staff/new equipment)

 Remember you need someone competent to carry out such an assessment


It will depend on your company, industry and the task being carried out as to how detailed your risk assessment should be. Remember, if you need help we are here to assist: Call 01224 900025 or email info@fergusonlegal.co.uk

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