Savvy sister site has arrived in style

From the outset it was always the ambition of Carole Ferguson, Managing Director of Ferguson Legal to showcase the fun and savvy side of the world of law, with a new, fresh and innovative approach giving a tongue and cheek style to hard hitting stories allowing everyone to relate which may have otherwise not struck a chord, and does just that.

Ferguson Legal’s blogs have always been something to engage the readers mind with headlines such as Keeping the Wolf of Wall Street from the Door and It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Bling. With this in mind it was time to take things one step further and add a sister site to the already flamboyant The new and rightfully named showcases the consumer reaching nature of Ferguson Legal. Mixing serious stories with unusual and engaging headlines allows news, views and Ferguson Legal’s lifestyle to be read at ease, inviting visitors to explore blogs in a new and innovative way.

Carole Ferguson, Managing Director, Ferguson Legal says; “I am excited to communicate with everyone in this exciting way. I hope everyone has as much fun reading the site as I do writing it. I hope it engages people and they can see what our brand and business is all about”.

The timing could not be better with Ferguson Legal last month announcing two titles for 2016, AI’s Most Innovative Law Firm in Scotland along with winning Women in Law’s, Health & Safety Lawyer of the Year.

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